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Two Centuries Of Bus Evolution

Travelling to various places is easy because of buses. For people who currently do not have a car, they ride on the bus for commutes. If you do not like driving for long hours, you can take the bus and conveniently wait to arrive at your destination. Life has been favorable to us because of the existence of buses.

In the past, getting to various places was difficult. Although steam automobiles were invented, only a few people got to own and use these and other people had to travel by other means which was the horse-drawn omnibus, introduced in the 1800’s. This horse-drawn vehicle is an enclosed cabin with two wooden seats placed on each side so the passengers would be facing to each other, while the driver is seated in front of the enclosed cabin facing front as with the horses. Double decker horse buses also existed in the past to try to accommodate more passengers by letting them seat on top of the cabin with a back to back bench and dragged by three horses.

The difference of horse carriage is that today, we ride on it for experience and sightseeing while in the past, people had to ride it to be able to get to places and it can sometimes get distressing for them. Horses can get really smelly and cranky. The transportation must have been slow also as the horses can get tired when overworked. The spread of the horse flu was another inconvenient factor as drivers were forced to halt their horse bus services.

The next transportation that was invented was the cable car. It was supposed to be designed to transport passengers efficiently but due to operational costs it had to be stopped, as well as the government did not approve because of possible fatalities it may cause.

After this, the trolley bus came into existence. The trolley bus was designed in which it was guided through the rails on the streets and has routes set in different areas where passengers can drop off or ride. This had greatly affected the workplace positively as people in the country side could then travel to cities quicker than before. The rising economy back then was due to the invention of street cars and the increased workforce in the industry. Some cities today still have street cars being used by netizens.

As years passed by, transportation became more convenient with the introduction of motorized buses. The demand of public transportation increased as well. From there, the designs of buses have changed and evolved, and more people were being accommodated.

City life can be difficult. Every day, more than two million people ride the bus to their workplace. Bus trips in Chicago reach to almost 19,000 daily.

The fact that millions of people use the bus daily, you could definitely imagine it getting dirty throughout the day.

Bus rides of people must be convenient and have a clean feeling, and in order to keep it that way, it must have a bus wash. To effectively clean the bus, it must be done a good bus wash company. A clean bus is what many people want and need, and thankfully, there are bus wash services to keep in track with the demand.

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